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This is a service which many of our clients have discovered they simply can’t do without.

Your data is critical to your business. A reliable backup of all your data is therefore paramount to protect yourself against any hardware failure. Cost-effective remote backup uses your existing broadband line to offer a fully automated service. We can also offer the traditional back-up service using tapes, but recommend you move away from the hassle of swapping your tapes every day to a more

Online Back-up – ensuring your data is safe & secure 24/7
This online backup solution removes the time consuming process of backing up your data and provides a failsafe solution to ensure your data is always secure.
Using a broadband internet connection we can securely store your data in our modern and safe datacentres on a daily basis. Using the latest encryption technologies you can be sure that this is a secure transfer and your data cannot be read, and will never be lost.

Tape Backup & Collection
Alternatively, your data can be burned onto tapes on a daily or weekly basis. We can then arrange a convenient time to collect the tapes every week and store them safely.

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