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We offer support across a range of areas which ensure your IT infrastructure remains solid and responsive to your business needs.

Network Design and Implementation
An efficient data network provides the backbone to working quickly both in the office and remotely. At Kredo we can design and implement multi-office network solutions which give you the platform to run and grow you business.

Remote Working & Mobility
Just because you or your employees are away from the office does not mean you cannot communicate effectively. At Kredo we can provide excellent remote working solutions from Webmail and VPN to Blackberry Mail integration, tailored to your needs.

Your data is your business and keeping this safe and secure is paramount. At Kredo our security solutions will give you secure access to your data but keep unwanted 3rd parties out. Our Solutions range from Firewalls to
Anti-Virus, secure remote access to offsite data storage.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
No-one can stop an act of god and disasters can happen, be it fire, theft or flooding. At Kredo with your most crucial data offsite, we aim to get your business back up and working as quickly as possible. Our engineers will work round the clock to make sure you are back in business fast.

Office Moves
Need help moving office, our engineers will guide you step by step through all your telecoms needs and preparations to ensure your move to a new premises is as smooth as possible.

We can also provide a bespoke range of services, just call us and we can find the best solution to meet your needs.

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